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When you're just starting a wellness business - where do you actually start?


You know you love wellbeing. You know you can help people feel better. But actually creating a business and finding clients? Well you didn't expect that part to be so tricky!

There are SO many conflicting messages about how to market your business online - it's overwhelming! 

Go LIVE on instagram, get a website, create a youtube channel, build an email lists, don’t forget your blog, grow your social media following,  ... what's the right path for YOUR BUSINESS? And what is the best order to do everything in?

Helping wellness entrepreneurs start and grow a successful wellness business is what we do here at Wellpreneur, so don't worry you don't have to figure it out alone - let us help!


Marketing Bootcamp FAST TRACK begins March 1st 2021.


An 8 week course with private coaching sessions, live group weekly Q&A sessions and a community of like-minded wellness entrepreneurs.

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As a Wellpreneur Fast Track Graduate you'll experience:

  • Total clarity on YOUR bespoke business marketing strategy and how it will grow your business
  • A clear understanding of how best to attract your ideal client to your website or social pages in 2021
  • Confidence in the way you engage with your target market  - knowing that it creates a consistent flow of clients 
  • A clear plan on what to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to market your wellness business
  • A freedom to spend more time doing the work you love as you have set up your marketing the right way to grow your audience and client base.
  • Never feeling ‘salesy’ because you’ve built a real relationship with your audience, and they want to learn from you.
  • But best of all, you feel focused and clear about your business, because you have the knowledge, know-how and confidence that your business is growing everyday.

A step by step guide to start your business

"I would definitely recommend Marketing Bootcamp Fast Track to new Health Coaches who are just starting out and don't have time to do research on how to start their business. This is a step-by-step guide to do just that! Thank you Amanda and Charlie - wonderful guides!"

Sofia Nibali, Health Coach, Fast Tracker 2020

The 1:1 sessions and group connection really helped

"Marketing Bootcamp Fast Track is broken down into realistic easy bite size modules and it is totally doable. When I got stuck with my free gift it really helped to be able to speak to Charlie - it was an amazing lesson. And the personal connection with the live weekly group sessions really helped me feel supported and complete the course."

Akiko, Psychologist, Fast Tracker 2020


Fast Track is for you if:

  • You're a new (or aspiring) wellness entrepreneur (health coach, yoga teacher, nutritionist etc.) and you want to build your profile and get a steady stream of clients
  • You're confused about all the marketing options available and what actually works
  • You feel like you aren't sure where to focus your limited time and energy to grow your business the right way for your target market
  • You've tried piecemeal courses on webinars or on running groups but never really had the success you really need 
  • You've got great ambitions for your business in 2021 and want to get them off to the best start

This year Marketing Bootcamp has been updated with the latest best practises on:

  • Creating content for different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Youtube)
  • Engaging community groups eg Facebook
  • Getting started with paid Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • And much more!

Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp is a one-stop shop for wellness entrepreneurs wanting to learn about how to market their business in 2021. 


It covers every aspect of your marketing - from getting your offer right for your target market, to nailing your content and social strategy and building a your email list and making offers.  You learn how all the different aspects of marketing work together and how best to create an effective marketing strategy for YOUR new wellness business.

Stop learning how to market your new wellness business with piecemeal courses or through trial and error. 


Learn the holistic approach that will build your business for the long term and get clients to your door today. Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp Fast Track enables you to learn without overwhelm and confusion and with the support of experts and a community of likeminded entrepreneurs.


Designed for anyone who wants to make an impact, but doesn't have the time or resources for months of trial and error, Fast Track provides you with all the tools and skills you need to get your wellness business off to a strong start. Our curriculum has been carefully designed by our team after spending years learning what works and what doesn't work when it comes to growing a wellness business from scratch.

Join us for Fast Track and let us help you grow faster.

Your Trainers

Amanda Cook

As the Founder of Wellpreneur, Amanda knows what it takes to launch a successful wellness business - without burning yourself out!

Charlie Edge

A digital marketing expert with 15 years experience in marketing agencies, Charlie helps our wellness entrepreneurs build their digital presence effectively.

Here's how it works:

  • You'll be guided through the 11 modules of Marketing Bootcamp over 8 weeks enabling you to create your own marketing strategy and key tactics to grow your business
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions to get clarity and feedback on setting up your own marketing
  • Two private coaching sessions (30 mins each) with Charlie to go through your specific business challenges durings weeks 3&4 and weeks 7&8
  • Current best practise tactics to employ on email, in Facebook Groups, on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and more!
  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions and get feedback 
  • You'll also have lifetime access to the complete Marketing Bootcamp course to revisit the material again and again
  • Training delivered as video AND audio, so you can learn on the go!
  • Downloadable worksheets and exercises to help you move from learning to action.
  • Time-saving checklists for creating great content, email newsletters, autoresponders and more!
  • Swipe files & examples to use as inspiration, so you never need to start from scratch with your marketing.
  • Tools & Resource Recommendations to save you time and make marketing feel easy.

The focused structure of the course with weekly calls was great for accountability.

I'm now comfortable doing videos and clear on what content I want to be writing on what platform. I've also started to build my email list.

And I really enjoyed the support. Thank you Amanda and Charlie!

Susie Kong, Functional Medicine Health Coach 

My email list grew by 355 in 30 days!

My big win from Bootcamp was that I was finally able to connect the dots through the system you taught and my email subscribers grew from 426 to 781 in 30 days!

The best part is that I now have a repeatable system to help me simultaneously take care of my community and build my business!"

- EJ Ogyeni

Join Fast Track today, we start 1 March 2021

Single Payment


  • Two private coaching sessions (VALUE $800)
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions for 8 weeks (VALUE $500)
  • Lifetime access to 11 module Marketing Bootcamp training material (VALUE $1000)
  • Total VALUE $2300
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Payment Plan

$249/month x3

  • Two private coaching sessions (VALUE $800)
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions for 8 weeks (VALUE $500)
  • Lifetime access to 11 module Marketing Bootcamp training material (VALUE $1000)
  • Total VALUE $2300
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I finally felt like someone was talking to me at my level.

The course was neat, organized, easy to follow and I really like Amanda! It gave me a little boost of confidence that says, “I can do this”!

If you’re at the beginning stages of your business, this is where you need to start!"

- Mary Carla MacDonald

 I now have a plan and know exactly what to do to continue growing.

Bootcamp provided in-depth, practical, actionable advice and the focus specifically for wellpreneurs made it even more valuable”

- Naomi Nakamura


Here's What You'll Do Inside Marketing Bootcamp Fast Track:

Week 1: Your Business Vision

FAST TRACK kicks off by defining your vision for your ideal wellness business, so you know exactly what success looks like for you. This week is about getting rock solid foundations from which to grow your business. In it we cover:

  • How to get clarity on your totally unique vision for your business 
  • How being crystal clear on that vision will enable you to market your business in a way that feels natural and spacious, not salesy and spammy
  • The habits that will set you up for success from the outset 

Week 2: Uncover Your Marketing Focus

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, scattered or unsure about how to grow your audience, this module will bring crystal clear focus to your marketing. In it we cover:

  • How to find your niche market
  • How to gain a better understanding of them so that your marketing speaks directly to them and is more effective
  • How to get better understanding of the market you are in so that you can develop a positioning that wins more clients



Week 3: The Wellpreneur Marketing Growth System

With so many options available to market your business, it can be difficult to know where to start

This week we cover how to build the RIGHT system for marketing YOUR wellness business.  There is no one-size fits all solution here.  But the Wellpreneur Marketing Growth System ensures you get the right pieces together for your business so that your marketing works effectively together.

By the end of the module, you’ll know how to make smart choices so that your marketing takes people on a journey to get to know, like and trust you and become paying clients. 


Week 4: Your Content Strategy

We’ve seen so many wellness entrepreneurs waste so much time making online content that doesn’t actually help you reach or engage with your target market.  This week focus on what is the right platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for your content and your audience.  In it you will learn:

  • The 3 types of content that every wellness business needs to produce
  • How to create content that is unique to your brand voice and effective engages potential clients 
  • Current best practices for making content that engages your audience and grows your following.


Week 5: Getting Leads

How can you convert an audience into a potential lead for your business? This module is all about how to best go about demonstrating your expertise to a potential client online. In it we cover:

  • How to create an effective lead magnet that starts a relationship between you and a potential client.   
  • How to set up your email marketing so that your lead magnet is delivered while you sleep and we answer all your email marketing questions. 
  • All our favorite tech recommendations for email marketing so that you can get started immediately


Week 6: Getting your audience to know, like and trust you

How can you best consistently reach your potential clients so that they get to know you and want to work with you? This week we learn all about nurturing relationships with potential clients through email and social media. In it you will learn:

  • All the techy stuff so you can set up your own email autoresponder and sequence that introduces your audience to you and your services.
  • Best practises on running Groups so you can regularly engage with your audience
  • How to ensure your social content is consistently reaching your audience through using advertising


Week 7: Converting your audience into customers


This week we cover how you can take your growing audience of followers and email subscribers and turn them into actual paying clients! In this essential week, we cover:

  • Different ways to make offers so that you can get a consistent flow of enquiries and clients
  • Sales page fundamentals so that you convert more clients on your website
  • How best to approach testimonials and ensuring that you create raving fans that go on to do your marketing for you!

Week 8: Making It Happen

In our final week, we get really practical and finalise your marketing strategy and key tactics for your business.  You’ll leave the course feeling clear on your plan and how you will grow your business.  This week we cover:

  • Revisiting your priorities for each stage of the Wellpreneur Marketing Growth System and how and when you are going to make them happen. 
  • How to know you are heading in the right direction.  We look at what to measure when and how to course correct.
  • And finally we look at how this will look for you on a day to day basis so you leave the course confident you are on the right track everyday.


Now I know my dream business really is possible!

"I joined Marketing Bootcamp because I was reaching a point where I was 'spinning my wheels', and the idea of having a system instantly appealed.

I love the workbooks and having something to fill out and plan with is great. I also like how Amanda break things down into easy, manageable steps.

I don't feel overwhelmed, I feel inspired and like I'm achieving things instead.

During Bootcamp, I've had so many people interested in my work, I signed on one new client and have 2 others who seem really interested!

I'm now much more focused on who my ideal client is and how I nurture those connections online. I feel more confident in my business model, and feel like when I approach people I have a clear idea of what I want from them and how to get it... or how to give it, really :) The Bootcamp material is approachable and totally actionable, and for me, really has produced results - both online and off.

Thank you for the confidence and guidance you've given me. It came at just the right time, and has made me realize that this dream of mine really is possible!

Samantha Russell

I sold my first online course!

I worried that I was always spending too much money on courses without finding that “thing” that would really make a difference.

But since applying what I learned in Marketing Bootcamp, starting with creating a fabulous opt-in gift for my list with 3 videos - I signed my first client from my new email sequence! I have also sold my first online course from the same email sequence.

Now I’m getting so much more interaction with my email subscribers, they email me back all the time which I love!

I recommend the program to anyone who wants an online health coaching business - I mean anyone! It’s easy. It helps you run your business more effectively. It helps you take action. And it works! :)"

Emma Polette

Let us help you create a clear & simple marketing plan for your wellness business - join us - we start 1 March, 2021

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